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95 Vocabulary Surge™: Level A, Unleashing the Power of Word Parts

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95 Vocabulary Surge™ is a series of 15-minute daily lessons that teaches students how to break words into parts, hypothesize the meanings of unknown parts, and check meaning in context. The lessons also help students learn the meaning of the most common Anglo-Saxon words, affixes, Latin roots, and Greek combining forms.

This vocabulary resource is designed for classroom teachers in grades 2–8 who provide instruction in Language Arts, science, and social studies in upper elementary, middle school, and junior high. It can also be used by teachers who work with students receiving special education, English Language Learners, and intervention groups.

95 Vocabulary Surge™ is offered as a series with increasingly more difficult morphemes. Level A (grades 2 and up) introduces the concept of word parts and guides students in examining the meaning and structure of high-utility word parts in order to build the most words in the English language. Levels B is more difficult and address content areas in higher grade levels. Each book can be used separately as Level B includes a review of important roots and affixes covered in Level A.

Level A Lessons include: Lessons 1–2: 26 compound Anglo-Saxon words Lessons 2–3: 90 Anglo-Saxon words with inflected endings Lessons 4–10: 68 most common affixes—200 Anglo-Saxon words with affixes Lessons 11–16: 48 common Latin roots—200 Latin words Lessons 17–20: 37 common Greek combining forms—225 Greek words The lessons may be taught whole class or in small groups. An introductory lesson provides the history of the English language.

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