Our Customers Say

  • "95 Percent Group is a jewel in the world of literacy assessment, intervention, and instruction!"
    Elementary School Teacher, KY
  • "I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the multisyllable strategy. I am a Title 1 reading teacher and used this strategy for the first time this year with my second graders through fifth graders. This strategy just makes sense."
    Title 1 Reading Coach, TN
  • "In the past, we had very few strategies for what to do next for students low on DIBELS. Now we have a reliable tool box!"
    Elementary School Principal, AZ
  • "The screeners are teacher-friendly, easy to give, and even more important, easy to interpret! Our teachers believe this form of ongoing progress monitoring truly gives them an accurate look at each child’s ability."
    Elementary Curriculum Coordinator, Retired, FL
  • "These products make my job as a Reading Specialist so much easier because I'm able to spend that extra time working with kids and not making materials."
    Reading Specialist, TN

Featured Items

95 Percent Group Featured Products

Phonological Awareness Lessons Deluxe Package
Price $390.00
Phonological Awareness Lessons Deluxe Package - More Info
The Deluxe PA Package includes everything that's needed to teach Phonological Awareness Lessons to an intervention group.
10 Success Factors for Literacy Intervention: Getting Results with MTSS in Elementary Schools by Susan L. Hall, Ed.D.
Price $29.95
 10 Success Factors for Literacy Intervention:  Getting Results with MTSS in Elementary Schools by Susan L. Hall, Ed.D. - More Info
Discover a list of 10 success factors observable in schools that are getting significant gains in student literacy with MTSS and how to replicate these results in your school.
Multisyllable Routine Cards
Price $85.00
Multisyllable Routine Cards  - More Info
A fast-track approach to helping students in grades 3 and up whose reading is belabored because of stumbling on multisyllable words.

Our Name is our Mission:
To get 95 percent of students reading at grade level.

It’s that simple and that important to our company. Our processes are proven. Our approaches are unique.

We are focused on reading improvement in pre-K through Grade 12 students. We achieve this through our dedicated and customized approach. We offer comprehensive education consulting, diagnostic assessments, and instructional materials designed to drive intervention and increase student achievement.