Phonics Screener for Intervention™ (PSI) 3.0 School Site License

An easy-to-administer informal diagnostic assessment that enables teachers to pinpoint deficit skills and determine where to start instruction.
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Available as a school site license enabling all educators in a school to use a common diagnostic tool. One educator email address must be entered in the box below to process the license key.*

Product Description

The Phonics Screener for Intervention (PSI), Version 3.0 is a brief and easy-to-administer informal diagnostic assessment designed to pinpoint the specific decoding needs of students who have poor reading accuracy. Information from the PSI eliminates guessing and leads directly to Tier 2 and 3 focused intervention instruction.

PSI 3.0 assesses phonics skills from basic to complex, in order of 95 Percent Group’s Phonics Continuum. The skills assessed correlate to the skills in the Phonics Lesson Library™, the Multisyllable Routine Cards, and the Phonics Chip Kit™ instructional materials. The PSI includes:

    • Getting Started Guide
    • User’s Manual
    • Student Materials Booklet* (including Forms A, B, and C)
    • Student Scoring Forms* (Forms A, B, and C)
    • Classroom Grouping Worksheets
    • Error Pattern Analysis Worksheets

* Purchase of the PSI includes one sample printed Student Materials Booklet. Additional copies are available for purchase.

What Does the PSI Do?

    • Identifies mastery and deficit in Basic Phonics, Advanced Phonics, and Multisyllable Words, as well as Sight Words (Dolch 220)
    • Helps teachers pinpoint deficits so that instruction can be targeted to close the gap for struggling students
    • Assists in grouping students of similar needs for intervention instruction

Who Needs the PSI?

    • Students in grade 1 and up who have poor reading accuracy (Letter Names and Sounds can be used with students in K–1) 
    • Students who are accurate but slow or unable to read text passages at benchmark 
    • Students who are below benchmark on the oral reading fluency portion of a curriculum-based measurement

How Do You Use the PSI?

    • Administer level-appropriate tasks of Form A initially to identify student needs
    • Monitor progress with alternate forms (Forms B and C), which assess the same skills as Form A

Who Administers the PSI?
Any school staff member well trained in phonics, including:

    • Classroom teachers 
    • Special education teachers 
    • Reading specialists 
    • Interventionists 
    • School psychologists 
    • Instructional aides 
    • Paraprofessionals 
    • Speech-language pathologists

Please note: The PSI 3.0 is a site license for one school only. Site licenses may not be shared.

Download a complimentary copy of our Phonics Continuum.