Phonics Chip Kit™ Multisyllable

Enables teachers to explain phonics patterns with colored manipulatives and sound boxes rather than teaching individual word reading.
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Product Description

Phonics Chip Kit™ Multisyllable

  • Explains phonics patterns using manipulatives and sound-spelling mapping
  • Directs a student’s attention to identifying individual phonemes in words and analyzing the sound-spelling patterns
  • Includes 18 one-syllable phonics concept lessons with all materials for the teacher and up to 8 students
  • The lessons within this kit cover the six syllable types:
    • Closed Syllables
    • Silent-e Syllables and Schwa
    • Open Syllables
    • Vowel Team Syllables
    • Consonant-le Syllables
    • Vowel-r Syllables
  • Teacher Materials Include:
    • Magnetic Colored Blank Sound Chips
    • Magnetic colored spelling chips with letters and/or patterns printed on them
    • Magnetic sound-spelling mapping mat(s)
    • Teachers Guide with instructions on dialogue and graphics of chip positions
  • Student Materials Include:
    • 8 laminated sound-spelling mapping mat(s)
    • 8 sets of blank sound and spelling chips in laminated card stock


*Kit includes plastic case for storage

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