PCK Basic Edition Digital Teaching Add-on

Phonics Chip Kit-Basic, Digital Teaching Add-On: License Valid July 1 - June 30

The Digital Teaching Add-On provides tools that allow teachers to deliver intervention instruction digitally using the Basic Phonics Chip Kit™. The Add-On is available via a site-based renewable, yearly subscription that extends from July 1 - June 30.
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Phonics Chip KitBasic Edition, Digital Teaching Add-on

NOTE: Customers must own a Phonics Chip Kit Basic Edition to purchase the Digital Teaching Add-On componentThis animated feature cannot be ordered in our Web Store. All Phonics Chip Kit Basic Edition Digital Teaching Add-On subscription orders must be processed by your Sales Representative or by contacting sales@95percentgroup.com.

The Phonics Chip Kit™ Basic Digital Teaching Add-on is a digital subscription that provides teachers with animated presentation files that illustrate chip movement. It is designed for use with our Phonics Chip Kit™ to help you continue guided instruction through the digital practice of orthographic mapping. It can be used remotely or during in-person small group instruction.

This renewable site-based subscription provides all users in a school building with access to the digital tools. The subscription term starts on July 1 and ends on June 30 regardless of the purchase date. The yearly license does not automatically renew so users will need to purchase this Add-On on a yearly basis. This product cannot be purchased in the Web Store.  

To renew your current subscription or to start a new subscription please contact your Sales Representative or sales@95percentgroup.com.

For each skill level, you’ll receive:

  • An animated presentation file, with 40 examples representing that skill
  • Downloadable teacher files (instructions and word list)



The presentation file is programmed in HTML5, making it universally compatible with all web browsers and a wide variety of devices, including PC, Mac, & Chromebook.


This product requires the purchase of Phonics Chip Kit™ and users must be familiar with teaching students using the Phonics Chip Kit™ in order to find this Add-on helpful. The Phonics Chip Kit™ helps teachers explain phonics patterns using manipulatives and sound-spelling mapping and can be purchased separately. Each kit helps teachers focus on sound-spelling pattern identification rather than word reading and directs student’s attention to identifying individual phonemes in words and analyzing sound-spelling patterns. Each kit provides strategies for identifying different sound-spelling patterns in words.

Phonics Chip Kitsare available in three levels:



Both the Basic and Advanced options have a Digital Teaching Add-On feature that can be purchased separately by contacting your Sales Representative or sales@95percentgroup.com. Sales for this product are not available in the Web Store.