95 Percent Group Multisyllable Routine Cards Package
95 Percent Group Multisyllable Routine Cards Package95 Percent Group Multisyllable Routine Cards Teacher's EditionMultisyllable Routine Cards Teacher's Edition Syllable Gesture95 Percent Group MSRC Routine 2395 Percent Group MSRC Routine 23 Closed Syllables95 Percent Group MSRC I Do stage95 Percent Group Multisyllable Routine Card Package Routine 23 Practice

Multisyllable Routine Cards Package

MSRC Package is a fast-track approach to helping students in grades 3 and up decode multisyllable words. Package includes a TE with scripted lessons, Digital Files, Pacing Guides, and a subscription to the Digital Presentation for the 21-22 School Year.
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Multisyllable Routine Cards (MSRC) Package 


The MSRC Package includes the Multisyllable Routine Cards Teacher's Edition and the MSRC Digital Presentation  that are used collaboratively to amplify engagement and visual accessibility while seamlessly supporting the MSRC steps and routines. Decoding multisyllabic words is an essential skill that has a direct impact on reading accuracy, fluency, and the comprehension of text. The task of decoding or pronouncing longer words is often a challenge for many students in grades 3 and above.  MSRC helps these students solve the mystery of reading multisyllabic words by recognizing patterns, identifying correct vowel sounds, and applying syllable division rules. 

The student-friendly routines are ideal for whole-class instruction, designed to take just 10-15 minutes a day, or to use as part of a small-group intervention lesson. The MSRC Package component facilitates direct and explicit instruction offering a fast-track approach that guides students to become more accurate and fluent when decoding multisyllable words. 

All instructional routines are included in a spiral-bound, laminated Teacher’s Edition. Each TE includes a unique access code (inside the front cover) to our secure customer portal where educators will find all ancillary materials and demonstration videos. 

The following ancillary materials can be downloaded and printed on demand from the MSRC website and used for teaching MSRC in small intervention groups:

  • Header Cards
  • Syllable Cards 
  • Word Cards
  • Pseudoword Cards 
  • Word Lists 
  • Handouts and Answer Keys
All of the above components can be accessed via a secure portal using the code found on the inside cover of the MSRC Teacher's Edition.

The MSRC Digital Presentation for teaching whole class includes unique benefits for using this program in your classroom including. This engaging component:
  • Provides a method for displaying each word digitally to the whole class allowing for all students to see the word clearly.
  • Allows the instructor to facilitate lessons at an appropriate pace, maintaining student engagement
  • Aligns precisely with the instructional dialogue presented on the Multisyllable Routine Cards.
  • Includes a visual for an 'I Do' and 'We Do' that guides students through the process for completing the handouts and provides an answer key that animates each response so students to determine their skill level  
  • Gives teachers the option on Day 5 of each lesson to collect and analyze student responses for skill acquisition
  • Permits instructional flexibility with lessons being delivered in-person or remotely

MSRC Digital Presentation provides additional Student Application Tasks and Pacing Guides

In addition to the MSRC worksheets found online, this animated component also provides access to rigorous Student Application Tasks to determine mastery. Downloadable activities include syllable type word hunts using authentic text sentence dictation and phrase reading. 

Comprehensive downloadable Pacing Guides are included with the MSRC Digital Files subscription. This resource reduces planning time and improves instructional delivery as it maps out the daily steps for all 6 syllable types.

A separate code will be emailed to the email address provided on the order to access the Digital Presentation TML files.


The presentation files are programmed in HTML5, making them universally compatible with all web browsers and a wide variety of devices, including PC, Mac, & Chromebook. Use of a wireless presenter remote is recommended to improve whole class instruction.

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