Multisyllable Phonics Lesson Library™ with Decodable Passages

The most complete phonics intervention products available.
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95 Percent Group’s Phonics Lesson Library™ (PLL) is one of the most complete phonics intervention products available. The PLL is different from many intervention programs because it provides lessons by skill so that instruction can be differentiated by what a student is missing without teaching an entire program.

Rich with standards-based writing focused for students, three passages are included per skill. Easily transportable, they are an ideal way to reinforce concepts learned in the classroom at home with a parent letter attached (available in Spanish).

The product is available in 3 kits by skills – Basic, Advanced, and Multisyllable. It includes everything needed for weekly phonics intervention lessons for up to five students. Each intervention lesson, which is stored in a separate bag, is typically kept in a book room for check-out by teachers, reading specialists, and paraprofessionals. One kit can be used by the entire school’s staff.

No preparation required! Our Multisyllable Printed PLL includes 18 Phonics Lessons and covers skills 10-15:

    • Skill 10: Closed Syllables (4 lessons)
    • Skill 11: Silent-e Syllables and Schwa (3 lessons)
    • Skill 12: Open Syllables (3 lessons)
    • Skill 13: Vowel Team Syllables (4 lessons)
    • Skill 14: Consonant-le Syllables (1 lesson)
    • Skill 15: Vowel-r Syllables (3 lessons)

Everything needed to teach each skill is included in a durable, plastic bag. Each lesson is bagged separately to offer a complete phonics intervention for each skill. Just pick up the bag and teach the skill!

    • One complete, 20-page, easy to follow lesson plan (featuring 5 days of instruction to deliver in a 30-minute intervention period)
    • Teacher Word Cards (perforated and scored for ease of use)
    • Student Word Cards (5 sets printed on colored card stock, perforated and scored for ease of use)
    • Teacher Header Cards
    • Student Header Cards (perforated and scored for ease of use, enough for 5 students)
    • Teacher Passages
    • Student Passages (5 copies of each)
    • 5 Student Reader with decodable passages
    • Parent Connection Letter- to reinforce concepts learned in the classroom at home (available in Spanish)
    • Fluency Sheets (5 copies of each)
    • 2 Sight words review grids
    • 1 Phonics review grid
    • 1 Progress monitoring chart

When finished teaching, everything stores nicely back in its original bag!

95 Percent Group’s weekly lesson plans are broken into a 5-day plan. Each lesson plan booklet is full color, printed on durable paper stock and features:

    • Timed sections that include: Review, Teach New Concept, Word Reading Accuracy and Transfer to Text
    • Fluency at the word, phrase, sentence and passage level
    • Simple steps for teaching each step
    • Goals for each section
    • Icons indicating materials the teacher needs to teach the lesson
    • Phonics chip movement to show students the phonics pattern
    • Hand gestures
    • Word reading
    • Word lists

*Some assembly required

Phonics Chip Kits™ are sold separately: Basic, Advanced, Multisyllable.

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