Comprehension, Grades 3-6

Instruct students in the seven processes essential for text comprehension.
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Designed for use in teaching Tier 2 or 3 small groups of students who have been identified as struggling to comprehend even though their decoding skills are strong.
7 comprehension processes are taught in the following sequence:

    • Connecting 
    • Questioning
    • Predicting
    • Imaging
    • Inferring
    • Determining Importance
    • Synthesizing

Each strategy is practiced with both fiction and nonfiction text
3 sets of spiral lessons show students how to integrate the processes together
Explicit modeling cycle of “I Do, We Do, You Do”

The kit contains:

    • Full-color, spiral-bound Teacher’s Guide of over 275 pages
    • 28 magnetic color-coded tokens for teachers to place on text and mats during think-alouds
    • 700 Color-coded translucent tokens for students to place on text and mats
    • 10 plastic bags with handles to store lessons

Other materials available for download include:

    • 44 passages (23 literary and 21 informational)
    • 18 mats (12 for Determining Importance plus one for each of the other 6 processes)
    • Rubrics and sheets to record progress-monitoring student data.

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