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95 Phonics Core Program® Grade 4 Classroom Kit

Classroom Kit includes Teacher’s Editions, Student Workbooks and Manipulative Sets for 20 students, a set of 4 Classroom Posters, Online Ancillary Materials, and a renewable Digital Presentation File School Year subscription. Product ships 6/30/23.
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95 Phonics Core Program® Grade 4 Classroom Kit

The evidence-based, whole-class phonics program used to close phonics skill gaps in your K-3 classrooms is now available to reduce intervention needs and improve reading outcomes for upper elementary students.

Our 95 Phonics Core Program® Grade 4 Word Study uses authentic text to develop automaticity reading multisyllable words to meet grade-level expectations. Instructional routines include guiding students to apply word attack strategies while building reading accuracy, fluency, comprehension, and confidence. Lesson structures and daily routines to equip students with essential skills for navigating text as they move into middle school. 

Grade 4 Lesson highlights include:

  • Daily Warm-Ups with foundational skills review
  • Multisyllable Word Work with explicit instruction on the 6 syllable types, simple and complex syllable division rules, and decoding multisyllable words in authentic informational and literary text
  • Morphology Instruction for building word knowledge and meaning through the morphological structure of words
  • Reading using modeled think-aloud strategies during the close reading process to improve independent reading skills at grade level
  • Response to Reading giving students the opportunity to demonstrate standards-based comprehension skills through oral and written response
  • Morphology focus: Latin roots with affixes
  • Authentic text Lexile® level range 800L-1000L

Grade 4 Classroom Kit contents include:

  • 3 Teacher's Editions
  • Student Workbooks and Manipulatives to accommodate 20 students
  • 1 Year Presentation File Subscription
  • Classroom Poster Set
  • Access to Online Ancillary Materials

Additional information can be found in our 95 Phonics Core Program Resource Center including grade level sample lessons, scope and sequence, alignment to CCSS standards, and ongoing efficacy studies.