95 Phonics Core Program® Grade 3 Classroom Kit

includes Teacher’s Edition (3 vol), Student Workbooks (4 vol) and Individual Manipulative Sets for 20 students, classroom posters, assessments and a School Year subscription to Digital Presentation (renewable in subsequent years).
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Product Description

95 Phonics Core Program® is a Tier 1 structured literacy solution that provides explicit, systematic, and cumulative instruction across grades K-5. Grounded in the science of reading, the lessons are strategically designed to reduce or prevent intervention needs.

The 30-week Grade 3 program focuses on using the previously taught foundational phonemic awareness and phonics skills to build automaticity in reading multisyllable words in isolation and in text. Instruction centers on explicitly teaching the 6 syllable types as well as the morphological structures of words. Decoding and encoding application tasks ensure students have the word attack skills necessary for reading and writing text with increasing complexity. The daily 30-minute lessons can be easily added to any required ELA core to achieve grade-level mastery.

Turnkey, Evidence-Based Phonics Solution

The grade-level kit includes everything a teacher needs to begin instruction quickly.

Teacher's Edition with pre-written lessons and activities, guided opportunities for teacher modeling, and group and independent practice to help students achieve mastery. The lessons include easy-to-follow instructional dialogue based on a structured literacy approach to provide explicit teacher-directed instruction. Teaching tips and scripts embedded throughout the teacher guides also support educator pedagogy.

Student Workbooks and Manipulatives provide built-in practice opportunities to reinforce skills as they are being introduced and tools for hands-on sound-spelling mapping activities.

Classroom Poster Sets are provided to reinforce lesson concepts as anchor charts and include: consonant blends, digraphs & unusual consonants, 6 syllable types, and syllable division rules.

Digital Presentation for each daily lesson improves engagement and lesson pacing while modeling the guided practice, requiring zero teacher prep. The initial Grade K Classroom Kit purchase includes a one-year subscription. The subscription is renewable on a yearly basis.

Online Access to Ancillary Materials that are continuously updated and include end-of-unit assessments for monitoring progress, classroom resources, family support letters, and access to the digital presentation files.

Visit the 95 Phonics Core Program® Resource Center to view and download the program introduction and rationale, sample lessons, scope and sequence, weekly lesson components, student manipulatives, alignment with CCSS grade level foundational standards, ancillary materials including a summative assessment, digital presentation file demos, and ongoing product efficacy research.