95 Phonics Core Program® Grade 1 Student Workbooks for 5 Students

95 Phonics Core Program® Grade 1 Student Workbook Set for 5 Students - 5 each of Volumes a, b, c, and d
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95 Phonics Core Program® Grade 1 Student Workbook Set for 5 Students

Our Grade 1 Phonics Core Program uses four Student Workbooks (Volumes a, b, c and d) to cover the entire school year. Each volume contains 7-8 lessons with a full-color cover and grayscale printing on the interior pages. Everything the student needs to participate in the lesson is contained in the workbooks. This includes copies of passages that students can write on, word lists and columns for sorting words by pattern, boxes for word mapping, tables for completing word chains from teacher dictation, and designated areas to write responses to passage comprehension questions.

The Grade 1 consumable workbooks are used with the Grade 1 95 Phonics Core Program Classroom Kit; therefore, they need to be replaced on a yearly basis to accommodate new students. The Student Workbook Sets includes 5 each of the 4 volume workbooks (a, b, c, and d) to meet the needs of 5 individual students. Schools will need to order multiple packs to accommodate class size.