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Phonological Awareness Screener for Intervention™ (PASI™), Version 3.1

Price: From $375.00 to $575.00

The PASI 3.1 is aligned to our Phonological Awareness Continuum and the Blueprint for Intervention:® Phonological Awareness (PA Blueprint) Teacher's Guide. The PASI aligns our diagnostic screener perfectly with the instructional materials, making it easier for teachers to go directly from assessment to groups to instruction.


Teachers use a ten-minute short form initially to determine which skills students have mastered and then drill down within the readiness, syllable, onset-rime, or phoneme skills to determine which lesson to begin instruction.


The PASI 3.1 includes three long forms for progress monitoring (Forms A, B, and C). The assessment will point teachers to the exact PA Blueprint skill to use during the student’s intervention time. For example, if a student fails to pass Skill 3.7: Segmentation/Blending 2 Syllables in the PASI 3.1, the teacher should use that same skill in PA Blueprint for intervention instruction.


Download our Phonological Awareness Screener for Intervention™ Brochure

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