Phonological Awareness Deluxe Package

Everything needed to teach Phonological Awareness Lessons to an intervention group.
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 Phonological Awareness Deluxe Package contains everything needed for phonological awareness instruction. This package includes:

Phonological Awareness Lessons includes a set of instructional procedures and all materials to teach 39 phonological awareness and readiness skills.

Phonological Awareness Manipulatives Kit includes preprinted, laminated picture cards, shapes, and mats for instruction with carrying case.

Magnetic Manipulatives for Modeling includes all the magnetic picture cards, shapes, and mats that the teacher uses during the “I Do and We Do” modeling cycle of each subskill.

Readiness Skills Large Teacher Cards include picture cards and blue and red shapes needed to teach the PA Blueprint Readiness Skills to larger groups or the whole class.

Flip Books are printed on heavy card stock in full color and include pictures representing words used in Skill 5: Phonemes of the Blueprint for Intervention: Phonological Awareness.

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