Phonological Awareness Lessons

A series of 39 lessons to explicitly teach skills to students who have not attained sufficient levels of phonological awareness.
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Product Description

Instructional procedures in a spiral-bound teacher’s guide to explicitly teach 39 phonological awareness and readiness skills to students who need support in mastering phonological awareness skills

    • Progression of instruction from simplest to most complex, enabling student mastery of one skill before moving up in difficulty
    • Lessons provide explicit instruction instead of merely providing an activity, delivering faster results and more relevant practice after instruction
    • Abstract syllables, rimes, and phonemes become concrete through use of manipulatives to enhance awareness and manipulation of sounds
    • Seamless link from assessment to instruction because lesson skill numbers match PASI numbers
    • More accurate progress monitoring with alternate Forms B and C
    • Minimal teacher preparation time because lessons include step-by-step procedures

In addition to the guide, the following instructional materials are available for download:

    • More than 100 picture cards
    • 13 instructional mats
    • 6 sets of shapes in various colors
The preprinted, easy-to-assemble Phonological Awareness Manipulatives Kit is also available for purchase.

Online Training is available for the Phonological Awareness Lessons.

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