Phonological Awareness Manipulatives Kit

Companion to Phonological Awareness Lessons. Includes laminated picture cards, shapes and mats, and a sturdy plastic carrying case.
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Product Description

The Phonological Awareness Manipulatives Kit is a companion to the Phonological Awareness Lessons.

The kit includes:

    • 65 mats (13 mats, 5 copies each)
    • 184 shapes (squares, rectangles, and circles and special onset and rime shapes)
    • 969 picture cards
    • Sturdy plastic carrying case with removable dividers and labels to organize the manipulatives for each skill

All mats, shapes, and picture cards are printed on heavy card stock and laminated. Picture cards and shapes are printed on die-cut 8½" x 11" sheets. The perforated shapes and picture cards are easy to punch out. The kit takes approximately 30 minutes to assemble.